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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine: What You Need to Know

Any sporting activity produces certain wear and tear on your body. Learning how to treat your body the right way and prepare it for your particular athletic activity can support you to boost performance by leaps and bounds. Regardless of what grade of athlete you are, a sports medicine doctor in Newport Beach, CA can be an extremely valuable resource for reaching your goals.

An Overview of Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is fairly a new concept that has turned into a worthwhile and interesting profession. Sports medicine physicians are doctors who emphasize the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle and fitter body through a properly-balanced diet in conjunction with regular exercises.

The key focus of sports medicine is to help people enhance their athletic performance, recuperate from injury, and prevent future traumas. It is a fast-developing healthcare domain because health professionals who diversify in sports medicine and physical therapy assist all kinds of people, not only athletes.

What Is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine incorporates the learning and application of medical principles particularly related to athletes and persons involved in physical fitness or sports grooming programs. The purpose of sports medicine professionals is to support these people in attaining the best possible health and performance preparation goals.

Sports medicine specialists treat a broad range of physical conditions and traumas, including:

Acute Traumatic Injuries – Fractures, sprains and strains, and dislocations

Chronic Overuse Injuries – Tendonitis, degenerative diseases, and overtraining syndrome

What Is a Major in Sports Medicine?

A sports medicine degree enables students to make their career in health professions either in the applied or clinical field, or for a graduate role in areas related to the exercise science. Both degree choices demand extensive laboratory training. Students are encouraged to participate in exploring the subject area and or internship/volunteer positions relating to their specific focus and future professional aspirations. The following are the standard sports medicine degrees in the U.S.:

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sports Medicine – Students acquiring this degree are braced for careers in the health/fitness domain, as well as for graduate programs in workouts and sports sciences.

Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Sports Medicine – This degree gears up students for a graduate school that offers health science courses including medicine, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, as well as a graduate role in exercise and sports sciences.

What Does a Sports Therapist Do?

A sports therapist is a medical professional who has the knowledge, expertise, and ability to:

  • Utilize sports and physical education principles to optimize execution, training and injury prevention plans.
  • Offer the prompt aid to injuries and primary life support in a fun, educational & competitive situation.
  • Evaluate, treat and, wherever suitable, refer on for expert advice and intervention.
  • Provide right sport and therapeutic massage in a sport & exercise environment.
  • Design and apply appropriate rehabilitation programs

Benefits of Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a significant field because it permits patients to completely embrace their athletic role and improve their well-being. Its numerous benefits include:

Improved Athletic Performance – Detection and treatment of unfavorable conditions arising out of sporting activities can help you improve your game.

Increased Confidence – Sports medicine professionals work to meet your requirements and help you regain your self-confidence so you can revel in your sport.

Enhanced Comfort Level – Sports medicine doctors work to help relieve these symptoms with pain management and other treatments so you can focus on more important things.

Prevention of Future Sports Injuries or Unfavorable Conditions – Unassisted sports injuries are prone to worsen with time, so preventing or detecting them in advance can help you prevent expensive, time-consuming, and harrowing conditions in the future.

Customized Care – Your sports medicine practitioner will support you on a personal basis to devise a treatment program tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

Sports Medicine is among the important care services at the Newport Family Medicine in Newport Beach, CA. We are committed to supporting superior healthcare services in a compassionate, ethical, and caring surrounding. To learn more about sports medicine or to simply schedule an appointment, contact us at 949-299-0326 or fill out the patient information forms, available on our website.

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