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Why You Need to Find a Family Doctor Immediately!

It becomes an alarming situation whenever you find one of your family members or yourself with the first sign of probably having some kind of a disease. It starts worrying you so deeply that it makes you act edgy. You start calling your mom, dad, your friends, or visit your neighbor in order to find the first and the right care for it. But most of the times, it occurs that the referred care was of little help! Having a family doctor in such times would not only help relieve your worry but also in caring for the ailment in the best possible manner.

The reason why an unknown referred care may not be so much of a help to you is because they don’t necessarily know much about you and your family members and their medical history. Knowing these very well, a family doctor provides you the best possible care and stops any advancement of your ailment or disease. Not only that, a family doctor, in the first place, provides a comprehensive health care to you and your family members in order to work for avoiding the possibility of having a disease.

What is a Family Medicine Doctor?

Family medicine is the branch of medicine designed to provide basic health care to all the members of a family, and the specialists who work under this branch are called family doctors. Family doctors are not like other doctors who specialize in treating particular organs or parts of your body. Family Practice Doctors are uniquely trained in taking care of you as a whole person. They take care of you as well as your family members, regardless of the age or sex.

[Family Medicine & Internal Medicine: Family medicine and internal medicine are quite similar as both serve as primary care providers. The only difference between them is that the family doctors are trained in broader areas of medicine such as gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics to take care of entire family members regardless of their age or sex, while internal medicine doctors are trained on treating the health issues of adults and mostly work with hospitals and also act as a member of care giving teams.]

Apart from diagnosing and treating their patients for various ailments, family doctors also participate with their patients in well-care visits. These visits are organized to monitor and examine the health of children and the adults as it helps to prevent illnesses before they develop.

About Their Training

Family doctors have the knowledge, skills and unique attitudes to provide the comprehensive medical care to all family members. They undergo 3-year specialty training (after spending 4 years in the medical school) in the broad discipline of residential and primary care. It includes deep coverage of pediatric and adult medicine, OB care and preventive care. This specialized training enables family doctors to be able to serve as primary care providers.

Benefits of Having a Family Doctor

Having gone through the blog this far, you must have already understood the reasons why you need a family doctor for a Comprehensive Health Care of your family. Now, we’ll be listing the major benefits of having one:

  • Better Help at Chronic Diseases

  • Family doctors are adept at managing chronic diseases and provide the most effective treatment. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and lupus are more effectively treated by them. They can also perform some minor surgeries such as draining abscess.

  • Early Detection of Health Issues

  • Family doctors constantly examine their patients for various issues. They are well aware of almost all the symptoms and develop a knack for identifying early signs of any disease. If anything weird or uneven is happening with you, they will immediately notice it and start its treatment right away.

  • They are Aware of Your Entire Family History

  • They do a check-up of every family member which includes people from different generations as well. Suppose if you are having a problem which has passed onto you from different generations, they will identify and find the best solution for you.

  • Help You Find a Specialist

  • When you need a specialized treatment for serious diseases like heart problems, cancer, or some other serious ailments, they will help you find a good specialist for it. You will get good recommendations from them as they have sound affiliations within the medical fraternity.

  • The Doctor-Patient Relationship

  • It is one of the most important factors because patients must be comfortable with their family doctors. They can discuss their feelings and any of their problems related to their health. Researches and studies have found that patients who maintain friendly relationship with their family doctors are more likely to stay healthy and strong.

  • Less Medical Expenses

  • Things like a routine appointment, check-up or a diagnosis is quite easy and affordable when you have a family doctor as they look after you and your entire family. Mostly they charge lower compared to a primary doctor. All the necessary diagnosis and check-ups are done at a lower cost.

The stages of caring for your family’s health start first from prevention, and what could be a better option than to have a family doctor who will take care of them like a guardian just as you do it for your children.

At Newport Family Medicine, you’ll find the most trusted family caregivers providing you with all your family care needs. Call us today at (949) 299-0326 to schedule an appointment!

Newport Family Medicine, located in Newport Beach, CA, offers full-service family practice from pregnancy through childhood and adulthood to maturity. We provide comprehensive health care for people of all age groups.

2 thoughts on “Why You Need to Find a Family Doctor Immediately!”

  1. I like that you mentioned that when it comes to chronic diseases, family doctors are the specialists to go to since they provide the most effective treatment as you’ve mentioned. That’s great since my father is suffering from both diabetes and arthritis. Knowing that he’ll be in good hands with a family doctor will be very helpful and reassuring to me. I’ll schedule a consultation with a family doctor for him to see if they can ease a bit of his pain. Thanks!

  2. Having a family doctor makes a lot of sense. I like the fact that they can treat chronic diseases really well. Diabetes runs in my family, so having a doctor familiar with that, and with our family, sounds like a great idea.

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