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How Newport Family Medicine Is Improving Patient Experience

Any patient wants his/her family care to excel at the three most important parameters: a right diagnosis and treatment, a great patient/customer service, and a proper system or process in place to get their voices heard.

At Newport Family Medicine, we care to deliver on all the three parameters of patient experience and satisfaction. While focusing on providing the best in class diagnosis and treatment, we also care to improve our patients’ experience with us by understanding their sentiments and giving them a voice that gets heard.

How We Are Improving Our Patients’ Experience with Us

Getting your voices heard means for us to understand your needs and work to improve on those fronts. Otherwise, what’s the point of hearing! For that, we have a process installed at our facility that keeps a track of both, how you are interacting with us and how well our staffs are providing their service to you.

The system works by integrating patient service with patient experience and satisfaction. So, if you have any issues regarding anything such as filling a form, getting an appointment, getting the right diagnosis and treatment, an issue with our hospitality or our staff (which seldom happens), or anything, we are guaranteeing that your voices don’t get lost in the midway.

Our process tries to evaluate how you’re feeling when you’re interacting with us. This lets us understand better how we can improve on those fronts (as guided by you) so that all of our patients are happy when they step out of our premises. To tell you the truth, our evaluation process is actually paying by turning our patients into our most loyal clients.

So, if you get a message from RepuGen after leaving from our office, be sure to rate your experience with us!

Newport Family Medicine, located in Newport Beach, CA, offers full-service family practice from pregnancy through childhood and adulthood to maturity. We provide comprehensive health care for people of all age groups.

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