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Family Practice Doctors

Why You Need to Have Family Practice Doctors

Family practice doctors and general practitioners may seem to offer the same types of care, but in reality, they are two entirely different entities. When you look at the bigger picture, you can see the subtle differences between the two that will help you make the right choice for your family. Once you know the advantages of a family practice doctor, the choice will be an easy one.

What Do General Practice Doctors Do?

General practice doctors offer generalized care. They are capable of treating patients of any age but normally treat common conditions. When more specialized treatment is called for, a general practice doctor will often refer their patients to a specialist. A general practice doctor can treat both chronic and acute conditions, but they rarely specialize in one area or another.

What Do Family Practice Doctors Do?

Family practice doctors treat their patients throughout their lives, from the time they were born and continue as they age. The main benefit in this is familiarity. Because they know the family history and have treated a person for many years, they are able to fine-tune treatment options and personalize each care plan to fit the exact needs of their patient.

Benefits of Having Family Practice Doctors

General practice doctors are excellent at what they do, but family practice physicians offer the advantage of knowing your medical history as well as an insight into your family’s health. They have a better understanding of health problems that may be present in your future. They can work to prevent these problems and offer a customized treatment plan for the conditions that are present.

Having a family practice doctor will help get better care as they:

  1. Treat patients throughout every stage of their lives.
  2. Know the patient’s family medical history.
  3. Offer preventative strategies to help you maintain good health.
  4. Provide personalized treatment options based on your individual needs.
  5. Reduce the number of tests needed to properly diagnose or treat an illness.

When you are ready to choose a primary care doctor, choose the one that works for your family as a whole. A family practice doctor is the best choice when you want someone who knows everything about your health and can use that information effectively.

Newport Family Medicine, located in Newport Beach, CA, offers full-service family practice from pregnancy through childhood and adulthood to maturity. We provide comprehensive health care for people of all age groups.

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