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Debunking Some Common Depression Myths

There are many generalized meanings of the term “depression” and is frequently used in a routine manner to describe what you experience in response to certain unfavorable occurrences. Similar to various other mental health problems, a lot of depression myths are in existence. Hence, before it is too late, you should decipher the depression myths and facts.

Clinical depression is a more severe form of depression which is medically diagnosed as a mental condition, mostly tough to understand and analyze. Its symptoms include melancholy, lacking pleasure, loss of energy, problem concentrating, and suicidal thoughts.

Depression Overview

Depression is the major disability factor worldwide and is a leading contributor to the net global burden of disease.

Basic Facts

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression affects more than 300 million people worldwide, regardless of race, age, gender, culture, religion, or economic status.

  • It’s among the most debilitating conditions in the world, with severe depression ranked in the similar disability class as terminal stage cancer.

  • Depression affects more than 18 million U.S. population or one in every ten Americans each year.

  • It’s the primary reason for disability in the U.S. in the age group of 15 to 44 years.

  • According to the survey by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), “major depression” is among the most common mental conditions, affecting 6.7% (over 16 million) adult Americans each year.

  • Experts estimate that nearly 50% of depression originates in genes.

  • Women are potentially more susceptible than men.

Common Depression Myths Vs Facts

Living with depression makes you feel terribly vulnerable and without proper guidance and support it eventually becomes agonizing. Moreover, there are a few depression myths out there which make it challenging to cope with depression. You should recognize the depression myths vs facts well to understand its potential and get the required support.

Here are 11 depression myths along with the true facts behind each:

Myth #1:

Every young person undergoes depression, it’s just a natural part of growing up.

Fact – Feeling sad or miserable is a regular part of growing up. However, depression is an aspect of experiencing the ups and downs of life, regardless of your age.

Myth #2:

If you’re suffering from depression, it simply means you’re currently undergoing a tough time.

Fact – Depression isn’t merely undergoing a tough time. Difficult times, such as ending a relationship or your parents opting for a divorce, can cause depression, but they’re not solely responsible for influencing you to become depressed.

Myth #3:

It’s a natural desire of young people to spend ample time on self.

Fact – It’s occasionally good to get relaxed and have some personal moments with yourself. However, if you notice a drastic change in the regular behavior and activities of someone, then it might be an indication that they are having some major anxieties and facing the risk of depression.

Myth #4:

If someone needs help they’ll acquire it themselves.

Fact – Depression kills your energy level and self-esteem. Therefore, it can interfere with your ability to seek help for yourself when you really need it. If you’re concerned about a loved one, it helps to seek guidance from a trustworthy adult by sharing your worries with them.

Myth #5:

People who are intelligent or emotionally tough don’t suffer mental illness.

Fact – Mental health problems, such as depression, can impact anyone. Regardless of the considerations of whether or not they are clever, mentally strong, aged or young, male or female.

Myth #6:

You’re either a complete optimist or a pessimist, and can’t change your attitude.

Fact – Constantly having negative thoughts, being tough on yourself, and being hopeless is one aspect that can induce depression, normally as part of a total mix of reasons. You can seek medical help to learn positively effective ways of managing your life.

Myth #7:

All depression necessarily requires antidepressant treatment.

Fact – In case of mild to moderate depression, the basic treatment choice should be to undergo (psychological) therapies. However, if you’re suffering from severe depression, your medical practitioner might prescribe medication to assist you in managing your life.

Myth #8:

Simple conversations with your loved ones will be sufficient to treat depression.

Fact – Healthy conversations with your friends and family are truly essential to cope with the regular ups and downs of life. However, if you are upset about a friend and believe that they might be suffering from depression, support and influence them to seek help.

Myth #9:

Binge drinking is a reasonably normal part of growing up.

Fact – Binge drinking can put you at greater risk of depression. If you are feeling depressed, alcohol intake and binge drinking can worsen the symptoms, so it’s advisable to be prudent.

Myth #10:

People who suffer from depression need to be alert, strong and stop feeling regretful for themselves.

Fact – People don’t prefer to be depressed. It’s also not something you can simply ‘snap out of’. Depression can be cured with the right guidance and support from healthcare professionals and loved ones. Knowing how to recognize the signs and symptoms of depression in yourself and others, and by getting help early, can help reduce the long-term effects.

Myth #11:

People who have depression can’t hold down a proper job.

Fact – If it’s left untreated, depression can affect a person’s social life, their studies, work, interests and a whole range of things. However, with the right treatment and support, a person with depression can have a normal job and get on with their life.

Depression puts on many disguises, but better diagnostic tools and treatments are available nowadays than ever before. Take advantage of the numerous treatment alternatives that are readily accessible to support you and your loved ones.

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